Introduction to Persian Music: Intangible Musical Heritage

This workshop is mainly designed for those who are interested to learn more about Persian music and its heartfelt aspect in the Iranian daily life. On this tour, Babak takes you to a Persian musical instrument manufacturing workshop. Informative talks are followed by a brief practical intro to Persian music, where you will have an opportunity to experience the mesmerizing sounds of traditional art of music. The tour will conclude with a visit to Zurkhaneh training hall, where Persian music, art and both physical and mental training are intertwined. This will prepare you for the last leg of the tour, a delicious dinner at the traditional Persian colorful table, known as sofreh.

  • Type: Workshop Tour
  • City: Esfahan
  • Topic: Music- Culture
  • Duration: 6 hours (starting at 16:00)
  • Language: English
  • Transportation: Taxi
  • Price: €15/person
  • Number of participants: 2 to 6
  • Dinner, Tickets, Music Collection Included
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