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Getting around Isfahan

Just like any other big city, Isfahan offers many ways to get to a destination. But choosing the best ones mostly depends on the special characteristics of the city and off course you!  So here are some suggestions about the transportation means and methods you can find in Isfahan, starting from easiest to most fun!


In Iran getting a taxi is the easiest and most of the time fastest way for reaching to the place you wish to (although this depends on the rush hour. Sometimes you can be faster than a car, even if you crawl!).

The first thing to know about the taxis is their types, which falls in 2 main categories of shared and private. The shared category itself has 2 types: one that you can find in the taxi stations and go to specified destinations, and the other, that you should shout your destination at, and if they go that way they would stop for you. Here you may share the taxi with up to 3 other passengers.

Private taxis are also can be found in different manners. You can ask your host to give you the number of a taxi agency in the neighborhood or the radio taxis, or call them for you and ask for a private taxi, or you can simply hail a passing one and ask for a private ride, or install a taxi app on your smartphone (which we suggest, as the prices and paths are clear and standard).


There are 2 types of ordinary and rapid buses (BRT) in Isfahan. Isfahan bus network almost covers the whole city, but the quality of the ride may vary and it might not be very on time.

  To be able to pay for any of these buses you’d better purchase an electronic card beforehand. This card may also be used to ride the subway.


Isfahan subway is currently just active in 1 line (north-south) and 20 stations, which still might be very useful, as if you decided to have a subway experience in Isfahan, you’d find some of the stations on the important spots of the city. Here are some of these stations and the reasons we assume them important:

Kaveh and Soffeh Stations:

If you reach the city by buss, your trip might end either in Kaveh or Soffeh Terminals, where you can easily find the subway station right by the bus terminal (Kaveh station by Kaveh terminal and Soffeh station by Soffeh terminal).

Shohada Station:

Now if you are heading to Howzak House don’t hesitate to ride the subway at any of the mentioned stations and get off in Shohada station at Shohada square, which is very close to Ebn-e-Sina street, in a very short distance from Howzak House.

Imam Hossein Station:

This station is located in Imam Hossein Square (Darvazeh Dolat), which is close to historic sites such as Naghsh-e-Jahan square, Chehel sotoun garden and palace and Hasht Behesht garden and palace. So if you want to go sightseeing, you can get off the subway at this station.

Si-o-Se-Pol Station:

Another station to get off for sightseeing is Si-o-Se-Pol station which is located at the beginning of Chahr Bagh-e-Bala street. This station is close to historic sites such as Si-o-Se-Pol, and if you head west, to Jolfa neighborhood.


Bicycles have been one of the very popular means of transportation in Isfahan for many years. As the city is a flat one that provides you with car free paths, you can enjoy a safe and easy ride. This will help you to stop at any desired location that you may spot during your ride, which are many.

You are not an Iranian woman?! Then there are many bicycle stations in the city from which you can rent a bike with presenting an ID card! Here again you can pay the rental fee using the electronic card that was mentioned before.

The rental stations close to historical sites are:

  • Khaju Bridge Station (at the beginning of Chahr Bagh-e-Khaju street): which is close to Khaju Bridge on which you can ride a bike.
  • Enghelab Square Station (at the beginning of Chahr Bagh-e-Abbasi street, south): Chahr Bagh-e-Abbasi is a car free path which is close to historic sites such as Chehel sotoun garden and palace, Hasht Behesht garden and palace, Madar Shah mosque and Bazaar-e-Honar. this station is by Si-o-Se-Pol, which is a historic bridge on which you can ride your bike and sing while riding!
  • Azar Bridge Station: By passing the Azar bridge you can get to Jolfa neighborhood.

These mentioned stations are along the Zaindeh-Roud (the river), so you can rent a bicycle from one of the stations and enjoy a ride along the river.

  • Imam Hossein Station (at the beginning of Chahr Bagh-e-Abbasi street, north): Which is close to historic sites such as Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, Chehel sotoun garden and palace, Hasht Behesht garden and palace, Madar Shah mosque and Bazaar-e-Honar.
  • Imam Square Station (Sepah street): This station is very close to Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, that is a large car free site in which you can ride your bike between Shah (Imam) mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Ali Qapu palace and Qeysarie Bazaar.
  • Hafez Street Station (by the Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, opposite to Imam square station)
  • Menar Jonban Station: that is close to Menar Jonban (the historical shaking minarets) and Atashgah

Bicycle stations are open from 8:30 to 20:30 and you should give the bike back in 2 hours.

Here also remains another option: You can always rent a bike from Howzak House regardless of time or your nationality and gender!

Take a walk:

Isfahan is a walking friendly city. if you have a good plan you can enjoy many historic sites on your way, because some of them are really close to each other. other advantages of walking in Isfahan are that this way you can walk through the historic bazaars and even explore the neighborhoods, be a part of the lives of the citizens and find the things you wouldn’t be able to find if you choose the other types of transportation.

At the end, if you want to have the best experience of the city, its people and culture, along with visiting the historic sites, we suggest you to choose the 2 last cheap and fun options!

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