We have a wide selection of events from both Persian and Gregorian calendar. You are welcome to join us for Nowruz Persian New Year, chaharshanb-e suri, Yalda Night, as well as New Year Eve. We also prepare nazri food giveaway, an important component in our tradition during the Islamic month of Muharram. There are more events, specially prepared based on skills and interests of our guests and if you would like to share your culture (food, music, performance, etc.), feel free to contact us in advance and we will gladly make all the necessary arrangements to host your event!

Nowruz ( Persian New Year)

New Year ( Gregorian Calendar)

Naan Pazi ( Bread Baking)

We were very lucky to host Mehdi & Maijeh, Iranian traveler/camper/bakers. They shared their knowledge about Iranian Traditional Bread and Koloocheh (Naan Latir and Saaj) with us and our guests. We all participated on the procedure and made yummy organic breads.

Nazri ( Holy Tradition of food sharing)